About Us

Xtreme cuts opened its doors on July 7th 2003. It’s not uncommon to see someone walk into Xtreme Cuts and see them walk around the store until they’ve greeted every barber there. That’s because those who walk into the barbershop are treated less like customers and more like a tight-knit group of friends who have known each other for years. As they wait for a spot to open up in one of the chairs, they’ll sit down on one of the couches in the middle of the shop and chat with each other or with the barbers about everything from last weekend’s tattoo convention at Resorts World Casino, to what their plans are for the rest of the day. One customer even came in and brought bagels for the workers, speaking to all of them on a first name basis. The friendly atmosphere is what the store’s manager, David — known to his customers as “Daddy Dave” — says set his business apart from the other barbers across the borough. “We’re more friendly,” Dave said as his barbershop already had a group of customers waiting for their turn at noon last Friday. “We try to keep it as a fun, family-like environment.” And if you don’t know Dave and the rest of the barbers at Xtreme Cuts yet, they’ll work their hardest to. “We try to make everyone feel welcomed,” Dave said. And his customers seem to agree that the shop is a welcoming environment. It has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on its Facebook page, Extreme Cuts Barber Shop. “Best barbershop in Queens,” one person wrote in a review. “Professional, entertaining at times and haircuts are spectacular.” Dave has owned his Ozone Park barbershop for about 12 years now, after several years of working at other shops. But to him, cutting hair is not “work” per se. “I love it,” he said. “I have a passion for it.” His journey into the barbershop began when he was on the other side of the chair, he said. One of his barbers had talked to him about the profession and eventually, Dave signed up for training. And he hasn’t looked back since. Since opening up in Ozone Park, many of his barbers have come and gone. Except for Joel, who Dave says has been there “since practically day one.”